Built for Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals

Before Syncare: You're hustling to organize oncall tasks, getting bleeped from every ward and can’t reply instantly, struggling with paper based handover meetings and the list goes on. You’re stressed and feel communication is scattered among your clinical team.

After Syncare: Soon you will feel everything is organized in one place to help your clinical team connect and coordinate the work together. Easily create patient lists, start direct and team chats, and add/assign tasks, you’ll be on top of things, and a sense of calm will set in.

Syncare is patient-centric designed to make patient care better


Integrated patient lists

Syncare dashbard is simply designed to help you creating your patients lists (Emergency, Inpatients and Referrals). Also you can prioritise the patients according to critical levels. You will be able to search, share, pin and organize your patients list with different sorting criteria.


Coordinated task management platform

Most annoying part of the oncall is to track your tasks, with syncare, you can easily add and assign tasks related to your patients and discuss the tasks with your team. Not only that, you can priotise the tasks and set up reminders to keep you on track when you are on call.


Simple and secure live messaging

Create your clinical team group to get the consultant responsible and members in your team involved instantly in planning patient care. Also send direct messages to contacts in you directory for opinions and referrals. With syncare your oncall teamwork and communication is instant and live which allows team full engagement.


Clear handover notes

You can write patient specific handover notes which help in making handover meetings more productive and directed towards Critical ill patients without missing vital information.

SBAR format notes writing

Precise and short patient notes writing

Write concise patient notes on the go in SBAR format (Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation) and share the notes instantly with your team members to get them actively involved in patient management.

All features you need to enjoy the work with your team

At Work Toggle

You can mute notification from Syncare by selecting At Work toggle Off and enjoy your break or off duty time.


Create your contacts by Inviting doctors, nurses and other healthcare co-workers in your hospital to your directory and start messaging instantly.

Pictures and Videos

Take pictures and videos of clinical cases and share with your seniors securely whenever required for effective assessment and treatment plan.


Share clinical guidelines, memos, presentations in PDFs, Words, Excels and other formats, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps.

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