Messaging and task management App for healthcare professionals.

Syncare connects medical teams together securely and efficiently to deliver the best care. No more hustle with pagers, paper handovers and outdated technologies.

Why Syncare

Increase productivity and decrease patient discharge time.

Priortize your daily tasks and utilize time for better patient care with syncare and reduce patient discahrge time at least by 50 minutes.

Communicate securely, efficiently and save time.

Save more than 45 minutes each day of your clinical time wasted due to the use of pagers and outdated technolgies.

Clinical teams Connected and aligned from anywhere.

Improve Care coordination and workflow with your team during oncall and handover meetings, and help your organisation to deliver high quality care.

Data Protection & Security with Syncare

Data Storage

Your personal or patient data is held securely in the UK, on AWS Server. AWS meets security standards under Data Security and Protection Toolkit, HIPAA, and GDPR standards.

Standard & Compliance

Syncare complies with standards set by Data Security and Protection Tool Kit, HIPPA and GDPR. We regularly test our servers to make sure our security controls are the best and to ensure our infrastructur is protected.

Media Storage

Pictures and videos taken using Syncare app will never be stored in your mobile library.

Protecting Your Data

We encrypt all data transmitted to and from the app, and use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorised access.

Download Syncare

Available on iOS